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Recruitment Information

Freshmen and Sophomore Years

During the freshmen and sophomore years in high school, a college baseball coach is not allowed to phone a prospect at all or send any written information that has to do with recruiting. Athletes may phone a coach, and the coach is allowed to accept the call, but he cannot call back if a message is left. These rules apply until September 1st of a player's junior year in high school.

Junior and Senior Years

High school baseball players are permitted to make visits to college campuses to talk with coaches during their junior year after September 1st, but it must stay on campus. Once the junior year is completed and July 1st has passed, a coach may phone a player or his parents once a week. The player may phone a coach as often as he likes. These rules apply throughout the senior year.

Contact Times

The NCAA sets certain blocks of time aside each year when it is permissible for coaches to contact athletes. These blocks of time are organized into a "contact period" during which coaches may communicate to the extent the rules allow, a "quiet period" when contact is restricted to campus visits, and a "dead period" when no contact is allowed.

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