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Private Instruction

One on One Hourly Training Sessions

The best way to begin your personal development and make adjustments is to begin at your own pace in a private learning environment. Students will have their own personal developmental plan and build towards it each training session.  We develop each player mentally, physically, and mechanically as the program is designed to ensure readiness for the up coming season. Clients receive personal attention and are in consistent communication with their instructor. After training sessions, you and the instructor sit down for a consultation to review the session and your development.

Personal Development Plan - We will take video of each player during their session to be reviewed and critiqued. While reviewing their performance we will identify any mechanical deficiencies and devise a plan to develop them one building block at a time. We communicate the development plan to maintain consistency through out their growth. Frequent video reviews are performed to track player development and ensure the development plan stays on track.

Mental Approach Work - Players are required to have a baseball notebook and take notes after their training sessions. Sessions cover specific mental information that requires note taking and studying to learn it. Instructors will verify all written information is correct before ending the session. Starting in 8th grade, pitchers will have light required reading, written homework, and mental approach exams

Physically - Develop the proper mechanics through a step by step approach by performing unique drills that will improve deficiencies one at a time to ensure that these adjustments become muscle memory. Players are held accountable for their actions and build core strength through the learning process. Players receive weekly assigned homework drills designed to help expedite the development process.

For private lesson Information please contact Coach Bill Malloy for an appointment

Phone: 908-892-0299


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